How Will Commerce7 Work With My Website?

The beauty of Commerce7 is that our widgets give you a ton of design flexibility and potential! 

Commerce7 is a headless platform - meaning that rather than having our own CMS, the platform can plug into any modern CMS such as WordPress or Craft, giving you more control over your website look and feel while still providing you with that great back-of-house management that wineries require.  

The base requirements for a CMS to work with our platform are that the CMS must support dynamic/wildcard URLs (a URL like /profile/order-history/* that points to a single template) and you must be able to inject javascript into the CMS. 

The Commerce7 team does not facilitate any design work, so before moving forward you should decide who is going to plug Commerce7's widgets into your front end site. 

If you have a designer you typically work with - great! We are happy to support them through the process. If you don't have a designer lined up, we have a network of strong designers familiar with our platform we could recommend to you. 

For a list of designers you can visit or reach out to for a recommendation based on your specific needs.