Orders & Order Management

Paying with Multiple Tenders on the POS

When charging a POS order, you can split the order total between multiple payments or across different payment types.

  1. When your order is ready to be paid, click Pay (You cannot split payment from the Quick Pay option.)
  2. Next to the order total click Split

  3. Enter the amount that you want to tender for the first payment and click Continue.

  4. You'll see the amount that you selected at the top and you can select the first payment method. 

    Note: If you need to change the amount tendered or if the customer changed their mind and wants to pay with a single tender, click Reset Amount.


  5. A window will open for the payment method that you selected where you can confirm and complete payment.
  6. Once the first payment is complete, you'll go back to the payment screen. The outstanding  amount will display at the top. You can either pay for the full remaining amount, or you can split the amount again.

  7. Select the next payment method and complete.
  8. Once the order has been completely paid for, the order confirmation window will display and you'll be able to email and/or print a receipt.

    The entire order will be emailed in one receipt and all of the tenders used will display.

Learn more about each payment type here.