Setting Up Complimentary Shipping Based on Bottle Quantity

To set up an automatic shipping discount on orders with 6 or 12 bottles start by navigating to the Store tab > then select Promotions and select 'Add Promotions' 

Under 'Coupon Type' use the drop down to select 'Shipping' then give your promotion a title. 

Fill in all the fields accordingly, for more detail on each field review our documentation on Creating Promotions in Commerce7

Next, you will create the requirement for the cart to have a minimum of 6 bottles or 12 bottles for the discount to apply. Under 'Cart Requirements' use the drop down to select 'Minimum Quantity' and in the 'Min Item Count' enter 6 or 12. Below you have the option to set an additional requirement for the cart to have Collection, Department or Product in the cart for the discount to apply. 

Review your settings and if everything looks correct select "Add Promotion" 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-26T161604.304

To create free shipping on 12 or more bottles make the minimum quantity 12 and all order with 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-27T122309.678

If you want this discount to apply with other discounts make sure to put them in a Promotion Set