Adding a Requested Ship Date

Note: Requested Ship Date cannot be added online or to orders that have already been processed.


  1. When creating an order under Store > Orders, first select a customer, then add the order items
  2. After the items have been added, click the pencil icon beside Shipping

  3. A modal will open where you can add a Requested Ship Date

  4. Add in your date and click Save Shipping




  1. When creating an order in the POS, click More Actions > Ship Order
  2. If a customer is attached, you'll see their addresses appear
  3. After selecting an address, you'll first need to click through the initial shipping modals. To first confirm the address (and the gift message if applicable) and to pass the device back to a staff member. Next you'll see the final shipping modal to select the rate and add a Requested Ship Date.
  4. Add in your date and click Confirm



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