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Adding a Requested Ship Date to Club Packages

You can add a unique ship date to a member's club shipment or set a requested ship date for your whole club package.

Adding a Requested Ship Date to an Individual Club Shipment

Although we recommend taking advantage of the automation the Commerce7 Club tools have to offer, you can add a unique ship date to an individual club shipment. Here is how;
  1. Click on Club > Packages
  2. Click on the club package you want to edit
  3. Click on Step 3: Members
  4. Search and click on the customer's shipment you want to edit the ship date for
  5. Scroll down and click on the pencil icon next to Shipping.

  6. Change or add a requested ship date.

  7. Click Save Shipping


Adding a Requested Ship Date to an Entire Club Package 

As of April 2022 you can now add a Requested Ship Date to your traditional club packages for ease of processing. 
  1. Click Set a Requested Ship Date
  2. Enter the date you wish for your orders to be shipped.

  3. Click Save

Your club orders will now have the requested ship date as specified. 

If you have an individual club member already has a requested ship date, this will override the general requested ship date that you set on the club package.