How to connect a reservation to an order.

How to connect a reservation to an order from the reservation property map and from the POS.

Connecting a reservation to an order can be done in two ways in Commerce7;

  • Connecting the reservation through the POS.
  • Selecting a table on the property map to start a cart.

Reservations have Google Tag Manager and tracking can be added all the way through. For assistance in setting this up, contact one of our partners such as at Premier Cellar or Honey Bear.

Connecting a Reservation from the POS

On the POS you can link the order to a specific reservation, starting with selecting the add guest "+" icon at the top. 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-25T154118.653

Then select From Reservation

Commerce7 - 2020-11-25T154158.659

Select one of the reservations you have booked for the present date.

Commerce7 - 2020-11-25T154456.504

Proceed with the order. 

Commerce7 - 2020-11-25T154520.314


Using the property map to start a POS order 

On the reservations property map, you can select a table and select Add POS Order

Commerce7-Property-Map (9)

It will then take you to the POS and automatically created a cart for the customer on the reservation and you can continue to add product and complete the order under the customers name. 

Commerce7 (34)-2

Toggle back to the reservation system using the 9-dot icon at the top. Once you have started an POS cart you can select the table again to continue adding product to the POS order. 

Commerce7-Property-Map (11)