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Adding or Importing Customers in Bulk

Add Customers Manually or in Bulk using our API's

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Adding Customers Manually 

Adding/Importing Customers in Bulk using API's


Adding Customers Manually

Entering Credit Cards too?

If you are manually adding Customer credit cards, ensure your Payment Gateway is activated prior to adding Customers.


  1. Go to CRM > Customers in the Admin panel and click Add Customer
  2. Fill out all relevant Customer information. Note that Email is the only required field and is used as a unique identifier in Commerce7. 
  3. Once everything is filled out, click Save.
    Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 12.33.20 PM

  4. To learn more about the CRM Tab and how to filter and export and edit Customers, click here (includes video).

Importing customers using Commerce7 API's

As long as you're able to export your contact records from your previous ecommerce partner or system, you will be able to import them into Commerce7 using our APIs. 

If comfortable doing this on your own, here is our API documentation.

If you run into questions while importing via the APIs, email, and we can point you in the right direction for assistance.

Need Developer?

If you lack technical expertise and feel unsure about importing data through our APIs independently, we recommend collaborating with third-party developers who specialize in this area.

Our two recommended Partners for data migration are:

Migrating credit cards

We can help with credit card migration - please contact to get assistance migrating your customer's credit cards to Commerce7.