Commerce7 FAQs

Does Commerce7 Take Feature Requests?

Do you have ideas of how to improve Commerce7? We'd love to hear them.

As a user of Commerce7, you may have insights and/or innovative ideas about how to make the platform better for your business. 

We absolutely acknowledge the potential for upgrades in various areas of the system to continuously improve its functionality. We are all ears!

Our Mission is our North Star

Commerce7's Mission: To empower wineries to create better shopping experiences.

When our our team considers new features, we take our mission very seriously. This keeps the platform streamlined and focused. (Learn more about our mission here).

While we value and consider many ideas shared with us, some requests may be specific to individual wineries and not applicable to all users. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that all requested features will be developed.

How do I submit a feature request?

Reach out to the Support team at and we will be happy to submit your request to the Product team for consideration.

What if my business requires a specific feature?

If a specific feature request is a must have, the 100% API and open nature of our platform allows for third party developers to custom-build functionality, integrations, and reports on top of the platform (this is why the platform was built this way).
Feel free to work with any of our development partners to build the feature you’re looking for. 
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Apps & Extensions
We'd also recommend that you review our current Apps under the Apps & Extensions section of Commerce7. You may find the functionality you're looking for has already been built.
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Want to keep up with what's new at Commerce7?

The right side of your dashboard will always show the newest features that have been added.

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And if you want to see where we are headed this year, take a look at our annual presentation, 'Commerce7 Live' here.