Does Commerce7 take feature requests?

Over the course of using the platform, you may come up with various ideas that are valid, logical, and will make your business' workflows and processes more efficient.

We understand that there are many areas in the platform that could be upgraded and that there is always room for improvement. 
We hear many ideas that are very valuable and we learn a lot; however, we also get many requests that are valuable to only one winery's business, but may not be useful to all of our clients as a whole. 
That being said, we do appreciate and welcome feedback, we just cannot set the expectation that requested features will get built. 
If a specific feature request is a must have, the 100% API and open nature of our platform allows for third party developers to custom build functionality, integrations, and reports on top of the platform (this is why the platform was built this way). Feel free to work with any of our development partners to build the feature you’re looking for or review our current Apps under the Apps section of Commerce7.