Setting Up Cart Carrots

Cart Carrots are messages that appear in your website cart that are meant to entice or incentivize customers to complete an action such as increase the value or bottle quantity on their order in order to receive a discount or to promote another product for purchase.

For example, you can set up a cart carrot to display if a customer has 5 bottles in their cart, letting them know that if they add one more bottle, they qualify for free shipping. 

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Creating a cart carrot

  1. To set up a carrot, navigate to the Marketing and then select Cart Carrots.

  2. From here you have three options for where the carrot will appear: (See examples here)
    1. Side Cart Top
    2. Side Cart Bottom
    3. Cart Page Inline
  3. Once you have selected one of the three options, click Add Cart Carrot
  4. Start with giving the cart carrot a Title (this is for your naming purposes, the customer won't see it)
  5. Next, choose the Type
    1. General Content: Add text and/or images such as "Add 6 Bottles For Free Shipping"
    2. Product Upsell: Add products to display above/below the customer's items that they can quickly add to their order.
  6. Enter a Sort Order: You can add multiple carrots for each type (ie. Side Cart Top, Side Cart Bottom and Cart Page Inline), but the system will only display one for each type to the customer at a time. For example, if the user qualifies for multiple carrots under "Side Cart Top", the carrot with the lowest number will be displayed.
  7. Add your Content: This is where you can add your action message that will appear in the customer cart. You can also add images to this section if you wish.

  8. Add Conditions for when your carrot should display and who it should display for.
  9. Under Applies To, select if you only want the carrot to display to customers who match All conditions that you enter or if the carrot should display if a customer matches any, ie. One or more conditions.

  10. Use the drop down menu to add your condition parameters. If you want to add multiple conditions, click Add Option
    1. Available conditions: 
      1. Cart Item Count
      2. Cart Sub Total
      3. Customer
      4. Customer Birthday 
      5. Customer Rank 
      6. Customer LTV
      7. Customer Last Order Date 
      8. Club Membership
      9. Coupon in Cart
      10. Promotion in Cart
      11. Sku in Cart
      12. Tag
  11. Once you have all your conditions, click Save Cart Carrot.
  12. You're done! If a customer qualifies for your carrot based on your set criteria, they'll see the message in their cart.


    Carrot types

    Side Cart Top

    This will appear in the side cart at the top. See example below; 

    free shipping

    Side Cart Bottom

    This message will appear in the side cart, at the bottom. See example below; 


    Cart Page Inline

    When you select "View Cart" this message will appear. See example below; 





    Cart Carrot examples

    Here are a few examples of when a cart carrot could be used. If you think you have a scenario where a cart carrot could work, but are unsure, please don't hesitate to email!

    Add bottles for free shipping


    You can also do this Carrot for any Quantity based discounts you offer - it doesn't have to be free shipping.

    1. Create a carrot and select where you want it to display
    2. Select the Type of General Content
    3. Enter in the message to instruct the customer what to do to receive the discount.
      1. You'll want to first have your promotions set up so that they'll automatically apply once the user reaches the specific bottle quantity. If you haven't already done this, you can learn more here.
      2. For this example, we're going to set up multiple cart carrots depending on how many bottles they have in their cart so that the instructions can be very specific. ie. If they need 6 bottles for free shipping, we'll tell them exactly how many bottles they need to add to reach 6.
    1. This carrot will display when they have exactly 1 bottle in their cart. Under Conditions add:
      1. All conditions
      2. Cart Item Countis less than or equal to, 1
        1. The customer must have at least 1 bottle in their cart to see the message
      3. Cart Item Countis greater than or equal to, 1
        1. We want the customer to have a max of one bottle in their cart to see this specific message since the text will be unique based on exactly how many bottles are in their cart.
    2. Click Save Cart Carrot
    3. Now we're going to repeat and create more cart carrots that looks almost identical to this one, but for when they have 2 bottles in their cart, then 3, then 4, then 5. 
      1. The only items you'll need to change from above are:
        1. Content: For each new carrot, this should be counting down to how many more bottles they need in their cart to qualify for the promotion
        2. Cart Item Count: For each new cart carrot, this should say when the message should display. (Ex. When Cart Item Count is set to 2, in the message display, "Add 4 more bottles to receive free shipping")

    4. You're done! Test out how they all display by adding 1, then 2, then 3, etc. bottles to your cart.


    "Add On" products

    1. Create a carrot and select where you want it to display
    2. Select the Type of Product Upsell
    3. Search for the product that you want to display to the customer
    4. Enter in a message that'll display with the product.
    5. Under Conditions set:
      1. Cart Item Countis greater than or equal to1
        1. The customer needs at least one bottle in their cart to see the message

    6. Click Save Cart Carrot
    7. On your website, it'll now display to your customers as long as they already have one product in their cart



    Birthday coupon code

    1. Create a carrot and select where you want it to display
    2. Select the Type of General Content
    3. Enter in the message that will display the specific promo code to the customer. If you don't have a coupon created yet, you can learn more about setting one up here
    4. Under Conditions select:
      1. Customer Birthdayis equal toThis Month
        1. The customer will need to be logged in and have their birthday added to their account to see the message.

    5. Click Save Cart Carrot



    Upsell club members to purchase more bottles

    1. Create a carrot and select where you want it to display
    2. Select the Type of General Content
    3. Enter in a message to entice club members to add more bottles to their cart based on any quantity based promotions that you offer (ie. Purchase x amount of bottles for x% off)
      1. If you don't have a promotion created yet, you can learn more about setting one up here
      2. Message example: "Purchase a case to receive an extra 5% off of your order!"
    4. Under Conditions select:
      1. All conditions
      2. Customer, is equal to, Club Member
        1. It will only display to customers logged in that are members of a club
      3. Club Membership, is equal to, Wine Club Name (optional)
        1. Add this condition if you only want to display the cart carrot for members in a specific club 
      4. Cart Item Countis greater than or equal to, 1
        1. Have at least one bottle in their cart
      5. Cart Item Countis less than or equal to, 11
        1. Have less than 12 bottles in their cart
        2. Update this number based on your specific promotion (if they receive an extra discount after purchasing 6 bottles, update this number to 5
    5. Click Save Cart Carrot