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Switching your Stripe account from another platform to Commerce7? Here are some FAQs regarding what you need to know.

Can my existing Stripe account connect to Commerce7 and my legacy platform at the same time?

No. You are not able to connect Commerce7 to Stripe accounts that are controlled by other platforms.

This is important because it ensures that in the rare case that a Standard Stripe user interacts with two platforms, each platform's activity is kept distinct in separate accounts.

If my existing Stripe account is connected to my legacy platform, how will I connect Commerce7?

If your Stripe account is currently controlled by your legacy platform, when you the click Stripe Setup within Commerce7, you will be prompted to create a new Standard Stripe account.

The Stripe Setup flow will automatically direct users to create a new Stripe account. Commerce7 will then be automatically connected to the new Stripe account that the user has created.

Do I have control over disconnecting my Stripe account from my legacy platform?

If you wish to revoke access or disconnect your legacy platform from your Stripe account, you can do so anytime from the Settings > Authorized applications area of your Dashboard, or here:

You will see one of two things:

  • If there is an option for you to revoke the access of the other platform, then that means that the account was created by you, the merchant.
  • If you are not seeing that option to revoke, then that means that the other platform created the account for you, the merchant. In this case, you should continue with the Stripe Setup within Commerce7 - and follow the prompts to create a new Stripe account. Learn how to import your cards.

What about revoking access from my old platform - and then connecting the same Stripe account to Commerce7?

If there is an option to revoke the other platform, you have the ability to do that (before you click setup in Commerce7). Once that is done, you could then connect the same account (as opposed to Stripe automatically creating a new account when you click Setup in Commerce7). Learn how to import your cards.

I was able to attach my existing Stripe account to Fullsteam Payments. How do I import the credit cards?

If you were able to attach your existing Stripe account then all the credit card tokens on file in this account can be exported and provided to your data migration partner to import into Commerce7. 

Here's how:

  1. Login to your Stripe account
  2. Click Customers - and choose Export
  3. Under Date Range - and Select All
  4. Under Columns choose Custom
  5. Check the following fields to export:
Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 4.11.13 PM

I had to create a NEW Stripe account in Commerce7. How can I get the credit cards imported into the new account?

If you have to create a new Stripe account to connect to Commerce7, then you will need to request Stripe migrate the tokens from the old account to the new account and provide the output file to your Data Migration Partner to import into Commerce7. Learn about Data Migration (including a list of our trusted Partners) here.