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Will changing the Auto Processing date on my package also change my package communication emails?

The communication email times need to be changed manually if the package processing date is changed.

Once your club package is "Active", dates for the 2 week and 2 day reminder emails are generated based on the "Auto-Process Date" that you set.
If you change the Auto-Process Date, you can leave the dates as is or if you want them to be exactly 2 weeks and 2 days before the new Auto-Process Date, you'll need to edit them manually.
In the same way, if you move your Auto-Process Date up in time, the emails will not adjust according so you will want to 
This also means that emails will not be automatically triggered if you change your processing day close to the current day.
Changing the communication days, however, will trigger the emails if the date is changed to the current date or before.