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Why didn't the club discount apply to the club members web order?

A club member has to be signed into their account at the time of placing a web order for the club discounts to apply. Often when you see a web order from a club member and the club discounts didn't apply, it is likely because the club member wasn't logged into their account at the time of the order.

If the club member uses the same email address when checking out, the order will automatically be part of their order history because once the order is processed the system will preform a background job and links any orders that use the same email address as a existing customer to their order history. This is why you will see an order under the customer/club members history, even though they weren't logged in at the time. 

One way to test if the club member was logged into their account at the time of the order is to duplicate the original order and test if the discounts apply to the new cart.

To duplicate the order navigate to Orders tab and search and select the order. On the order page select More Actions and then select Duplicate

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Promotions & Coupons that are applying to the cart will be listed on the side. If the promotions are applying properly to the cart it is likely that the club member wasn't logged in at the time of their web order. 

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When an order is incorrectly process i.e. without the proper discount, we recommend duplicating processing an new order and refunding the original for accurate reporting. 

Here is a link to our documentation on I Processed An Order Incorrectly, How Do I Fix It?