Why aren't my Shipping Confirmation emails being sent, even though tracking numbers are pulled from ShipCompliant?

Commerce7 is designed to not send the Shipping Confirmation email if the Ship Date is more than 5 days before the tracking number sync. We assume it has been delivered and don't send the email to avoid confusion.

For example:

In the History section, the Order Fulfilled action happened on November 30 but it was actually shipped on November 18. Since the Ship Date (18th) is more than 5 days before the sync date (30th), no Shipping Confirmation email will be sent to this customer.

Whenever this happens, we would recommend reaching out to your fulfillment warehouse and ask why there is more than a 5 day delay between when the shipment is shipped and when the tracking numbers are uploaded to ShipCompliant. Ideally, this is done right away as soon as the packages are shipped to ensure the Shipping Confirmation email is triggered.