Why are tracking numbers not being pulled from ShipCompliant to Commerce7?

There are a couple common reasons why this could be happening:

1. The tracking number was recently added to ShipCompliant. We check ShipCompliant every 4 hours for tracking numbers. If the tracking number was just added (within the last 4 hours), it's possible that our integration hasn't had a chance to pull it in. If this is the case, please wait a few hours and the tracking number should eventually sync.

2. The order is older than 90 days. We only check ShipCompliant for orders completed in the last 90 days. If the order was processed outside of that range, Commerce7 will not pull in the tracking numbers even if they are added to ShipCompliant. If this is the case, we recommend copy/pasting the tracking number and manually adding the tracking info to the Commerce7 order.

3. The checkbox for the Scheduled task to check ShipCompliant to see if orders are fulfilled is unchecked in your ShipCompliant setup under Apps & Extensions.