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Where Does the 'Contact Us' Form Get Sent When It's Submitted?

Before you Begin

Are you using the Default 'Contact Us' Form?

Are you using a Custom 'Contact Us' Form?

Editing the Default 'Contact Us' Form

When your Customers use the 'Contact Us' form (on Orders in their Order History), it gets sent to the email address that's listed in Settings > General as the Primary Email address.

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.29.55 PM


Editing the Primary Email

  1. Click on Settings > General
    Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.07.53 PM
  2. Click on the pencil icon at the top
    Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.08.18 PM-1
  3. Edit the Primary Email and click the Save button

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.15.17 PM

Editing a Custom 'Contact Us' Form?

  1. If you have created a Custom Contact Form, then you will need to make your edits under Marketing > Forms.
    Screen Shot 2024-03-22 at 2.26.15 PM
  2. Edit the submission Email and Save.

Screen Shot 2024-03-22 at 2.41.17 PM