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Edit History on a Customer Record

Review a customer's edit history and restore a previous version.

This feature is helpful to view any changes made to a customer profile, by admin, the customer or integrations. By selecting one of the edits can see which user made the edits and all details with the option to restore the customer profile to a previous version. 
To review a customers edit history:
  1. Navigate to CRM
  2. Select Customer
  3. Search and select the customer
  4. Select More Actions
  5. Select Edit History
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Once you select Edit History, a pop up window will appear with the edit history of the customer with the option to select any of the versions to review the details. 

Customer profiles can be edited by; 

  • Sales Associate or customer - the sales associates name will appear if they made a change from the admin panel and the customers name will appear if they made the change from their account on the front end. 
  • System User - an integration made an update to the customer profile i.e. fulfillment 
  • Anonymous User - the customer before the customer was created in Commerce7 
  • SendGrid Email - when customers receive transaction emails or campaign emails their history is updated 
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Once you have selected a version from the edit history, you can view the details of the version. Select Restore The Version to re-set the customer profile to a previous version before it was edited. 

This will restore the customer profile with details of the version you have selected. 

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