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If you have multiple sales associates sharing a single POS device, it may be useful to enable PINs on your POS. 

PINs allow sales associates to quickly and easily switch user accounts while in the POS. The POS can also be set up to prompt for a PIN before every new order is charged, or after every order is complete.

This documentation includes:

1. Sales Associates set PIN under their customer profile

2. Enable PINs on your POS profile.

3. Using PINs on the POS.

Setting Your PIN

To get started with PINs, have your sales associates navigate to their profile. Select the circle icon at the top and select My Profile.

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In the user profile, the sales associate can adjust their PIN by selecting Edit PIN.

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The PIN they create must be a minimum of 6 characters, and can contain letters, numbers, or both. 

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Enable PINs on your POS profile

After creating and saving a user's PIN, you can enable PINs on your POS profile. 

An Admin Owner user can navigate to to the Admin Panel, and go to Settings > POS Profiles

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Then select the POS Profile, this feature has to be checked off on each POS Profile you want to have the PIN functionality. 

Next check off Allow login via PIN by checking off the box. Then decide if you want to Force login between orders and/or force login login before charging customers. Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen when you've finished adjusting your settings. 

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Using PINs on the POS

Once PINs are enabled on a specific POS Profile, users in that POS can click on their user account to toggle over to another user account by selecting Switch Users.

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If you have enabled the Force Login Before Charge option, upon selecting the Charge Order button, users will be prompted to enter their PIN.

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If you have enabled the Force Login Between Orders option, upon completing an order, users will be prompted to enter their PIN. 

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