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Testing your Club 2-Week and 2-Day Emails

    Previewing / Testing Club 2-Week and 2-Day Transaction Emails

    It's important to test your Club Transaction Emails to confirm that they look/behave the way you intend. 

    1. Go to Settings > Emails.
      Screen Shot 2024-07-11 at 10.25.11 AM
    2. Search and click into the applicable Transaction Email.
    3. Click the Send Preview Email button.
      1. Note: If you have a Custom Email Template, choose it from the dropdown on the right prior to clicking the Send Preview Email button.
    4. In the popup modal, enter an email address and click the Send Preview Email button. (Only one email address can be entered).
      Screen Shot 2024-07-11 at 10.26.28 AM
    5. You will receive a sample Transaction Email.

    This will showcase how the final email will appear to Members. Dummy sample data is used as an example. Any links in the test email are not functional and will go to the homepage of your website.