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Starting a Credit Card Tab on the POS

POS: Save a Credit Card to a Tab Without the Need for a Customer Record

Before you begin

  • This feature is available for those on Fullsteam Payments (formerly Commerce7 Payments) only.
  • You must have at least one EMV device defined in your POS Profile.

Starting a Credit Card Tab on the POS

Starting a Credit Card Tab on the POS

  1. Open the main POS screen.
  2. You will see a Tab button in the lower right. This will display regardless of if no cart has been started yet, if it's a guest cart, or if a customer has been attached.

  3. Click on the Tab button.
  4. Choose the EMV device you prefer for capturing the credit card by selecting it in the pop-up modal, then click 'Start Tab'.
  5. A prompt will appear on the EMV device to tap or insert the credit card.
    1. The credit card will be pre-authorized for $1.00 to ensure that payment can be taken later.
    2. If successful, the modal will close, the Tab will be added to the Cart, and the pre-authorization on the credit card will be removed.
  6. When the Customer is ready to pay for the Order, click the blue Pay button. 
    Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 11.17.34 AM
  7. At the top of the existing payment options, there is an option for 'Pay with Tab'.
    (Alternatively, the Customer can choose to pay via a different Payment Method or split the bill and pay the first portion with the Tab card. They are not required to use the card that was initially used to start the tab.)
    Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 11.24.20 AM
  8. When 'Pay with Tab' is clicked, that card will be used for payment and the Customer will not need to insert or tap the card on the EMV device a second time. (If you have tips enabled on your POS Profile, the tip modal will also appear at this point).
  9. The Order is complete and the credit card used for the Tab will be removed.


  • Will the credit card used for the Tab be saved to the Customer Profile?
    No. The card is tokenized for that one specific Order and once the Order in complete, the card is deleted from the system.
  • If a Tab is created (and Order is completed) for a Guest Cart, will a Customer Profile be created for that Guest?
    No. A Customer would need to be added to the Cart prior to charging the Order for a Profile to be created. 
  • Why isn't the tip option displayed on the EMV device when I select the Tabbed card as the payment method, despite having the EMV prompt Tip option enabled in the POS Profile?
    When choosing to pay with the Tabbed Card, the Tip option will only appear on the POS interface (as the transaction is not sent to the EMV device for a second time).
  • Why don't I see a Tab button in my POS?
    • If there are no EMV devices added to the POS Profile, the Tab button will not be visible because there is no other way to collect payment.
    • This feature is available for those on Fullsteam Payments (formerly Commerce7 Payments) only. 
  • Why am I seeing this error? Error: Card could not be tokenized.
    Screen Shot 2024-04-15 at 11.46.39 AM
    Possible reasons:
      • The selected device is not compatible (i.e. Stripe device).
      • The EMV is compatible but is powered off, rebooting, or tied up with another transaction.
      • Customer/User cancelled the transaction on the device.