Legacy (Older) Terminals

Processing a Transaction on the Poynt Terminal

Now, here is how to use Poynt to process a transaction:

  1. Add item(s) to your cart
  2. Add any other additional information to the order (i.e discount, shipping etc.)
  3. Click charge
  4. Double tap to turn on the device 
  5. Click 'Process with Poynt' button the POS
  6. If the transaction does not show up on the device:
    - Ensure that the device is connected to Wifi
         - Quick check in the top right to see if Wifi Icon is present or
         - Swipe down from the top 2 times to see if you are connected to the correct
  7. If Wifi is connected then click Having Trouble? and then the "RE-SEND TO POYNT" button
  8. Continue process of double tapping on the time and then click the "RE-SEND TO POYNT" button until the transaction shows up
  9. Allow the customer to process the payment on the device
  10. Take the device back from the customer, the response should be automatically sent from Poynt terminal to POS.
  11. If response is not received, click Having Trouble? and select Check Response at Poynt.
  12. When response is received transaction is completed and email receipt can be sent

Additional Troubleshooting if transactions do not show up on the device:

  1. If transaction still does not show click the help button
  2. In the help options click Test Wifi
  3. If Wifi test passes then click "RE-SEND TO POYNT" button
  4. If Wifi test does not pass, check with your IT staff to determine why Wifi is not working