Orders & Order Management

Creating a Pickup Order on the POS

By default, orders in the POS are classified as "Carry Out". A carry out order is one where the order is being carried out with the customer immediately after it's complete; this means that it will automatically be fulfilled. 

  • If you want to create an order that the customer will be picking up later (that shouldn't be automatically fulfilled), you can create a pickup order.
  • If you want to create an order that's being shipped, you can learn more here.


  1. Start by creating your order on the POS
  2. Click the order actions menu and click Mark Order for Pickup
  3. Select the pickup location (if applicable) and enter in the customer's information for pickup
  4. Pay and complete the order
  5. When the customer comes in, you can search for the order and mark it as fulfilled. (Pickup orders are not marked as fulfilled automatically as the customer is picking it up at a later time.)

A POS order can't be split between carry out and pickup. Carry out and pickup orders have to be processed as separate orders in the POS.