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Payment Gateway Considerations for South Africa Wineries Transitioning from V1 to V2

How Payments are Processed & Cards are Tokenized When Moving from PayGate to Paystack

Are you located in South Africa and making the switch from V1 to V2? Take a look at the following for Payment Gateway considerations. (If you're still considering the move, and would like to learn more about what V2 has to offer, click here).

Paystack is the required Payment Gateway for running the V2 frontend. That means that you will need to make the switch from PayGate to Paystack.

What about Customer credit cards that are stored in PayGate?

Unfortunately, PayGate is not able to transfer credit card tokens, so that means that you will need to run dual Payment Gateways (both PayGate and Paystack) for a period of time.

How do credit card tokens get into Paystack?

Credit card tokens will be created in Paystack through Customers updating their credit cards naturally as they expire.

  • Transactions for tokens that have been stored with PayGate will continue to be processed through PayGate. However, when a Customer loads a new credit card into their account, it will then be tokenized with Paystack.
  • What about Guests, New Customers and new Club Signups?
    All credit cards for Guest transactions, new Customers and new Club Signups will be tokenized and processed through Paystack.

When should I close my PayGate account?

Once all tokens have been moved to Paystack, the PayGate account can be closed permanently.