Report FAQs

My export from Commerce7 is not downloading properly.

Are you trying to download an emailed report and having issues downloading? Does your download open in a new window and look like this?
Id,Order Submitted Date,Order Paid Date,Order Fulfilled Date,Order Number,Refunded On Order Number,Refund From Order Number,Order Source,Payment Status,Compliance Status,Fraud Check Status,Fulfillment Status,Channel,Order Delivery Method,POS Profile,Shipping Instructions,Requested Delivery Date,Requested Ship Date,Tax Sale Type,SubTotal,Shipping Total,Tax Total,Duty Total,Recyling Deposit Total,Total,Tip,Total After Tip,Gift Message,Fulfillment 1 Type,Fulfillment 1 Date,Fulfillment 1 By,Fulfillment 1 Tracking No,Fulfillment 2 Type,Fulfillment 2 Date,Fulfillment 2 By,Fulfillment 2 Tracking No,Fulfillment 3 Type,Fulfillment 3 Date,Fulfillment 3 By,Fulfillment 3 Tracking No,Club Title,Club Package,Customer First Name,Customer Last Name,Customer Email,Customer Email 2,Customer Email 3,Customer Phone,Customer Phone 2,Customer Phone 3,Bill To Birth Date,Bill To First Name,Bill To Last Name,Bill To Company,Bill To Address,Bill To Address 2,Bill To City,Bill To State Code,Bill To Zip Code,Bill To Country Code,Bill To Phone,Ship To Birth Date,Ship To First Name,Ship To Last Name,Ship To Company,Ship To Address,Ship To Address 2,Ship To City,Ship To State Code,Ship To Zip Code,Ship To Country Code,Ship To Phone,Customer IP Address,Customer User Agent,Sales Associate,Created At,Updated At,Cost Centres,Card Declined,Event Deposit,Pours
009058a3-3e9a-4487-8e11-f78cd8a77afa,2019-04-29 11:05:04,2019-04-29 11:05:04,,1073,,,Internal,Paid,Not Checked,Not Checked,Not Fulfilled,Inbound,Ship,,,,
This is a common issue if you are working in the Safari browser. Safari opens the download in a new tab instead of downloading the file to you computer. Here is what you can do;
1. Switch to a different browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.
2. If you are unable to switch browsers you can follow these steps.
  • Click File > Save As and save the file.
  • Locate the file on your computer and open it - the file should open in Excel.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact