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Merging Customers

If you have duplicate customer records, have no fear! Merging customers in Commerce7 is easy.

The customer merge function will merge orders, addresses, etc all into one customer.  It will also migrate phone numbers, email addresses, club memberships, club signups, credit cards, notes, flags, activity, event tickets, allocation grants, allocation wishes, orders, carts, refunds, customer products, reservations and reservation carts.

Note: Customer merge will not migrate the customer's name, location, customer tags or meta data (so start with the "master customer record" and migrate the duplicate into it).


Here's How:

  1. Click on Customers and search the customer record you are looking to merge

2. Click on the customer record with the customer details you want to be the 'master customer record'.

3. Under the 'More Actions' tab, click on the option to Merge Customers.

4. In the window that opens, type the customer name again and the additional records for that customer will appear as options. Click the '+' icon next to the record you want to merge.

5. Click the "Merge into XX' button to complete the merge.