I have a feature request. Who can I talk to about that?

Over the course of using the platform, you may come up with various feature requests that are valid, logical, and will make your workflows and processes more efficient. We understand that there are many areas in the platform that could be upgraded, there is always room for improvement. That being said, we do not take feature requests. 

Here’s why:

Like all software companies, we have finite development resources. It’s a challenge for us to determine how to allocate our resources, Our mission as an organization revolves around providing businesses such as yours with the tools needed to create great shopping experiences, and one of our core values is “push the bar”. Our mission, vision, and values not only guide us as an organization, but also guide our product development. There are many aspects of the platform we could focus on, but you will see us continue to double down on end-user (customer) facing features, features that will provide your customers with shopping experiences that are fast, easy and personalized. In line with our “push the bar” value, we are going to continue to take big risks and big leaps with what we choose to build. While code is pushed daily at Commerce7 to implement features, bug fixes, and updates, our big product developments that drop once or twice a year will almost always be related to enhancing the end user's shopping experience. Last year we released our personalization engine (a feature that no client requested, but our data shows provides one of the largest growth opportunities to our clients). We are really excited to drop our next big feature, and show you what we’ve been working on in the background. 

While your requests are often valid, justifiable, and would enhance the functionality of the platform. Please understand that we are going to continue allocating our finite development resources towards features we feel will truly push the bar, and will greatly enhance your customers shopping experience. 

If a specific feature request is a must have, the 100% API and open nature of our platform allows for third party developers to custom build functionality, integrations, and reports on top of the platform. Feel free to work with any of our development partners to build the feature you’re looking for.