Commerce7 FAQs

How to Submit the Perfect Support Ticket

Submitting a good support ticket can help get your issue solved as quickly as possible

Our Support Team at Commerce7 receives a high number of tickets daily, so the easier you make it for the Support Team, the faster they will be able to find a solution for you!

Follow these tips to submit the best ticket possible and avoid unnecessary back and forth.

  1. Be Detailed: Explain the problem clearly, including when it started and what you expect versus what's happening.
  2. Add Visuals: Include photos, screenshots, or videos to clarify the issue.
  3. Use Key Identifiers: Mention specific details like Order numbers, Promotion names, Customer names, etc.
  4. Use Links: Provide direct links to relevant pages in your admin panel or website.
  5. Provide Examples: Offer examples to help the Support Team reproduce the problem.
  6. Be Patient: Support aims to close tickets within 24 hours but complex issues may take longer.