Setup Ingenico Link 2500 Wireless Terminal

Follow these steps to get your Ingenico Link 2500 Wireless terminal setup with Commerce7. The Ingenico Link 2500 Wireless terminal only works with Commerce7 over a wifi connection, and not bluetooth. When you turn on the device, regardless of connection, it will display the TriPOS screen. 

If this is a first time setup the device will display an activation code once connected to a wireless network.

1. Connect the terminal to your wireless network by allowing it to turn on, and then once the TriPOS screen displays, press 0-0-0-1 on the terminal. 

2. On the next screen, use F2 and F3 to navigate to Wifi Parameters, and click the green button to select.

3. Now navigate to Scan Networks and select it. A list of wireless networks will appear. Navigate to your wireless network with F2 and F3 and use the green button to select it.

4. Enter the wireless password by using the on screen keyboard, entering letters the same way as an old school keyboard. Alternatively you can use the F2 and F3 to use the onscreen keyboard.

5. Once the password is confirmed, the screen will show "New Profile OK", and then will navigate back to the TriPOS screen. There should now be a green wifi symbol in the top left corner. 

6. An activation code should now appear on the screen. Note: If it doesn't appear, press and hold the yellow and # button. The device will reboot and display the code. (Unplug the device for this step if its plugged in).

7. In the Commerce7 admin panel under Settings > POS Profiles

  • Click Activate Devices - this will take you to Merchant Track > Terminals > Activate
  • Enter the activation code, and click Activate.

  • Then you will see the Terminal ID "Device Key" to enter into Commerce7 below.

Enter the Terminal ID from above to Chip and Pin Devices under Device Key. If you have more than 1 terminal click Add Device to add additional terminals.


How to Remove a Terminal from your Network

Note: The terminal will need to be out of range of the network in order to remove the network.

1. Once out of range, select the settings menu by entering 0-0-0-1.

2. Navigate to "Wifi Parameters" using F2 and F3 and select it using the green button.

3. Navigate to "My Networks" using F2 and F3 and select it using the green button.

4. Navigate to "Delete All" and select it. The system will prompt you with a message saying "Remove Profile OK", which indicates that the networks have been removed from the terminal.


The best way to test the network connection on these terminals will be to enter the 0-0-0-1 or 2-6-3-4 codes on the TriPOS screen, 

     - If the terminal does not respond, this would mean the terminal is connected to the network.

     - If the terminal opens a menu this would mean that the terminal is not connected to the network.


On the password screen the function keys will control the on screen keyboard as follows: 
(F1) - Scrolls the selection to the left

  • (F1) - Scrolls the selection to the left
  • (F2) - Scrolls the selection up
  • (F3) - Scrolls the selection down 
  • (F4) scrolls the Selection to the Right