How to Setup Facebook Login.

Note: Facebook updates their login app frequently - if this documentation is out of date please email 

To get started, first click this link.

This will take you to the Facebook for developers site. Click “Add a New App”.



Enter a display name, (it doesn’t matter what you enter in this field). Then enter a contact email. This should be an email address you check regularly. Click create app ID when you've entered your information, and then fill out the captcha.



Click "integrate Facebook login" then click "confirm".



Scroll down and click "Set Up" in the Facebook Login box. 



Next, click "Web". 



Now enter the URL of your front end site.



If you’re on a demo admin panel, and don’t know what your URL is, go to your admin panel and click the link in the top right corner.



This will take you to your front end site. Copy the URL on this site and paste it into the "Site URL" field back on the Facebook for developers site.



Save and hit continue.



Click "Next".



Scroll down and click "Next" again.



Click "Next" again.



Scroll to the top of the screen and click on your "App ID" to copy it.  



Go to your Commerce7 admin panel, and click "Apps".



Click on the "Facebook Login" app, and paste the "App ID" from your Facebook for developers site in the App ID field. Switch the app to "active" and click save. 



Go back over to the Facebook for developers site, and click on the "off" button. 



Click on the "basic settings" link. 



In the privacy policy field, add the URL of your website with a "/legal" at the end. 



Click "save changes". 



Click the "off" button again.



Choose a category of "Business and Pages" and click confirm. 



Your Facebook Login is now setup! Test it out by going to your URL /profile/login.