Viewing Order Edit History

This feature is helpful to view the edit history on an order to see who made the change, the date and time of the change and the action taken. 

To review the edit history on an order: 

  1. Navigate to Store > Orders
  2. Search and select the order you want to view
  3. Select More Actions under the order number
  4. Select Edit History

Commerce7 (56)-1

Once you select Edit History, a pop up window will appear with the edit history for the order and the option to select any of the versions to review in detail. 

  • Sales Associate or customer - the sales associates name will appear if they made a change from the admin panel
  • System User - an automatic action created or edited the order i.e. fulfillment integration or automatic club processing 
  • Anonymous User - the customer before the customer was created in Commerce7 

Commerce7 (57)-3

Once you have selected a version from the edit history list, you can view the details of the version. 

Commerce7 (58)-3

Orders can't be restored to a previous version in the edit history, the edit history is only for review.