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How Do I Re-Connect My Poynt Device

If you're getting an error "Error refreshing access token, please re-run settings - payment - connect to Poynt" follow the steps below to re-connect your Poynt device. 

In Commerce7, navigate to the Settings Tab > Payments and click 'Connect Poynt EMV Terminal' under the Payment section. This will prompt you to login to your Poynt account.

Commerce7 - 2020-11-23T101144.368-1


1. If you don't see the option below, click Refresh on your browser and the option will appear. 

2. If you are already logged into your Poynt account, please log out first before clicking "Re-connect Poynt EMV Terminal".


Once logged into your Poynt account, you will be prompted to select a merchant to authorize application access. You should see your business name listed. Click on your business name.