How Do I Manage Invoicing in Commerce7?

At Commerce7, we are deeply focused on commerce. More specifically, we are deeply focused on DTC commerce. 

The platform is not intended to accommodate wholesale orders and therefor, it has no features for managing invoicing. We would recommend managing your wholesale orders and invoicing through your accounting software. 

Your DTC customers and orders are very different from your wholesale customers and orders. If you mix this data, key data driven insights can become skewed. 

For example, if you don't separate your DTC and Wholesale orders, key data such as your average order value, average lifetime value, and top sellers can become corrupted. Trends can become corrupted as well (if you bill wholesale customers on Tuesdays, suddenly Tuesday becomes one of your top selling days). 

Your DTC data and the insights generated from it are some of the best assets you have to truly understand your customer, and to grow your business. The relevance of these insights relies on the data remaining clean. Keep things clean by managing your wholesale orders on a seperate platform :)