How do I login to view my customer profile if my emails aren't enabled yet?

In Commerce7, your email is not turned on by default during onboarding. This is to prevent accidentally spamming your customers as you are setting up the system.
That said, you might still want to take a look at what a customer profile looks like in Commerce7, or you may want to get an idea of what an email template looks. Here's how;
Complete the action of the email you want to trigger. If you want to see your customer profile, you can use the magic link on your website (found on the Login Page).
Next, navigate to the corresponding customer record by searching under the customers tab.
Once you have found the customer, click the email tab. You will see the email which you have just triggered listed. Open the email to view the template or to click the button that will allow you to access your customer profile. 
Note: You will need to update your General Settings > URL field to match the site URL that has Commerce7 on it (ie. if you're using a development site and not your live URL).