How Do I Edit General Settings in Reservations?

To get started editing your General Settings, toggle to your Reservations system using the 9 dot icon in the upper right corner of your screen and select Reservations.

Once you are in your Reservations dashboard click Settings > General. General settings can be edited by selecting the 'pencil icon' above the information.

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These are the general settings for your reservations availability widget. You can setup additional restrictions for specific experiences under Reservation Types. 

Here is a bit more detail on what each area means;

Lead Time (for web reservations): this is the lead time you require for reservations to made on the website, in hours. For example, if you have a cutoff of 48 hours to book a reservation, you should add 48 hours here. You can also set lead time on each reservation type. 

Availability Start/End Time - these fields control the time options that will appear in the drop down menu of the booking widget on your website. For example, if you only offer reservations between 9 and 5 you might want to add a start time of 9am and an end time of 5pm. This will help narrow the search for customers. 

Availability Start/End Guest Count - these fields control the party/group size options in the drop down menu that appear in your reservation widget for all experiences. 


The maximum number of guests per group that is set on each reservation type will control the options in the drop down menu for each individual reservation experience. 

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Availability Start/End Guest Count in Admin - these fields control the party/group size options that appear in the reservations admin. For example, if you don't allow parties less than 2 or greater than 10 in any of your experiences that book via the admin, you would add a min of 2 and a mx of 10. This will help narrow the search for your staff.