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How do automatic credit card updates work?

Automatic Credit Card Updater is a feature for those using Commerce7 designed to automatically update expiring credit cards to the most up-to-date credit card. 

All cards on file are checked for updates at least once every 40 days. New cards that are added are checked the next day and then again every 40 days.

It searches for the latest credit card on the customer's credit card account. If the card in Commerce7 isn't the latest credit card, we will update it to the newest one, if one is available.

If a customers card is stolen or cancelled for any reason, the updater service will get the new card replacement if there is one, or it will report the account is closed so you know you need to reach out to the customer directly to get a new credit card.

For those using Fullsteam Payments, the fee is $0.50 per update. For those using Stripe, please check Stripe documentation for most current pricing information.

There is no communication to customers that have had their Credit Card updated. If a customer has indicated that an email was sent to them it would not have been sent from Commerce7.