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How can I see the order total for my club shipments?

You view a total for a specific club member, you can always click into the member's shipment under Clubs > Club Shipments, but if you want to view totals for more than one member at once (or all of your members), you can export a full list.

  1. Go to ClubsClub Shipments
  2. Optionally filter down the list to view only shipments for a specific club package or using any of the other filters.
  3. Click ActionsExport at the top right of the shipment table.
  4. A window will popup to ask if you only want to export the selected members or all club shipments. Make a selection, then click Export.
The export results will be emailed to you, and will include club shipment order information. From there, you can see a total for each shipment or tally to find the overall value of club shipments.