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Can I process shipping and pickup club shipments separately?

Normally all orders process together on the "Auto-Process Date". Processing your club orders based on shipping or pickup delivery method can be done, but you'll need to perform a couple of steps.

In your package under ClubsClub Package under the "Setup" tab there is a field for Auto-Process Date. To process your club in groups, you'll need to do so before this date. On this date, any unprocessed shipments will be bulk processed together.

  1. When you're ready to process your first group go to ClubsClub Shipments
  2. At the top right click More Filters then Order Delivery Method
  3. Check Ship or Pickup based on which group you want to process first and then click Apply Filter.
  4. Now you should only be seeing shipments that are either ship or pickup (based on what you selected). If you want to process different club packages individually, you can also filter by Club Package.
  5. Now you're ready to process! At the top right of the club shipments table, click ActionsProcess
  6. A confirmation modal will open. Make sure that Process the Current Search is selected. This will automatically exclude anyone who has already been processed, members who have skipped, etc.
  7. Click the blue Process Club Member Shipments button to confirm.
  8. Now it will go through the list and process members one by one.

For the remaining members in the club you can use the filters to process another group in bulk or you can just wait until the Auto-Process Date where the system will automatically process anyone remaining.