Can I add new product varietals?

At Commerce7, we’re really strict with our data. We validate all addresses and phone numbers input into the system against the customer’s country and we reject incomplete emails, phone numbers, or addresses. We also do not allow our customers to add their own wine types, varietals, regions, or appellations.

The reason we are so strict with this data is because we use it to enhance your customers shopping experience. When data in the platform is clean, we can aggregate it, and use it to feed our personalization engine. We can use it to automatically determine which products to recommend to a customer, which club members are at risk of leaving your club, and what kind of discounts to offer in real time to prompt purchases.

In order to enable you to provide your customers with the best shopping experience possible, and to give you deep insights into your customers, we need to keep data on the platform clean and standardized. For this reason you cannot create new varietals but if you really need a one created, you can set up a new varietal as a custom product attributes