Epson Local Printer Setup

Step 2: Configuring a Static IP Address for the Printer

This is the second step in generating a self-signed SSL Certification for local printing

Epson TM-T88VII Printers

Step 2: Configuring a Static IP Address for Printer

Configuring a static IP address for the printer is crucial to ensure that even during power outages or router issues, the printer maintains a consistent and reliable connection with a fixed IP address. There are two ways to accomplish this, you can reserve an IP address on your router or DHCP server, or set an IP address manually on the printer.


Reserving an IP address in DHCP/Router (Preferred Method)

Work with your IT department or provider to reserve the printers MAC address on your router or DHCP server, you can find the MAC address by following steps 1 through 5 below, on step 5 you will see the MAC address listed on the middle of the screen.

If you are able to successfully reserve an IP address, then turn the printer off and on again. The printer will print out the reserved IP address that you will use later in the setup process.  Skip the remaining steps on this page. 

Reserving an IP address on your router or DHCP server is the preferred method, but if it's not possible you can proceed through all the steps below and on Step 8 you will manually set the IP address for the printer. You need to ensure you set an IP address that will not be used by any other devices on your network.


Manually setting an IP address on the Printer (Alternate Method)

  1. Connect the printer to the network via LAN cable.
  2. Once connected the printer should print a small receipt that includes the IP Address, SubnetMask, Gateway, and DHCP. If this receipt does not print automatically, turn the printer on and off twice using the power switch located on the front of the printer.
    receipt 3 copy-1
  3.  In the URL bar of your web browser (Google Chrome) enter the IP Address found on the printed receipt (i.e.
    1. You should see the page “Your connection is not private” as a SSL certificate has not been installed on your computer. 
    2. Click the Advanced link.
      Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at 1.53.36 PM
    3. Click the Proceed to link (but enter your IP address) to access the administration screen.
      Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at 1.56.03 PM
  4. You should now be viewing the TM-T88VII Series admin panel.
  5. Click Administrator Login in the upper right.
  6. Enter the password for the printer. The default password should be the Serial Number located on the side of the printer.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Navigate to Network > Basic
    1. Obtain IP Address:  Manual
    2. IP address: Set to a new open value (example
    3. IP Subnet Mask: Enter the SubnetMask value located on the print receipt from the printer. (example
    4. Default Gateway: Enter the Gateway value located on the print receipt from the printer. (example
    5. Click the Next button.
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. If everything saved correctly navigating to the new IP address should bring to to the TM-T88VII Series admin panel screen.

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