Legacy (Older) Terminals

Poynt Device Email Finder

This article is an overview of the Email Finder feature including instructions on how it works.

Capturing email addresses in the tasting room is one of the most successful ways to promote future ecommerce sales and create long term customers.

The Email Finder is a simple and effective way for your staff to easily capture an email in the tasting room without causing too much friction in the transaction.

When using the Poynt terminal, the Email Finder will populate the guest customer's email once they complete the transaction on the terminal, eliminating the hassle of having to ask or search for it manually.

Steps for using Email Finder

  1. Ring up a guest order on the POS.
  2. Click the Charge Order button.
  3. Click the Process with Poynt option.
  4. Complete the Transaction on the terminal.
  5. The guest's suggested email will auto-populate in the receipt window on the POS.