Can I Create a Customer Without an Email Address?

No. But there's very good reason for that.

The simple answer is, no. Email address is a required field when saving a Contact Record.

Here's why

Creating an exceptional experience for guests in your tasting room is both valuable and expensive. However, without capturing a guest’s email address when they make a tasting room order, the time and money you’ve put into creating this experience will yield a static return. The key to getting the most out of your investment lies in obtaining their email, which allows you to be proactive and remarket to your guests once they’ve left your tasting room.

  • Unfortunately, a substantial number of tasting room orders are completed without a customer record attached. According to C7's 2023 Data Book, only 28.05% of point-of-sale Orders include Customer information, resulting in a substantial loss of potential remarketing opportunities for the winery.
  • In simpler terms, nearly 72% of Customers leave the tasting room without the opportunity for follow-up marketing, potential for increased sales, or the chance to sign up for the wine club.  It’s crucial to address this gap to maximize the return on your investment and establish ongoing relationships with your visitors.

To maximize your investment, it is crucial to collect their email address. This enables you to engage with your guests even after they have left your tasting room, allowing you to proactively reach out and continue marketing to them.

Can I just use a fake/placeholder email?
It is not advisable to use a fake or placeholder email address (e.g., guest@noemail.com) as it can lead to inaccurate data. It is recommended to collect email addresses for all contacts since all communication from the system is conducted via email.