Creating designer, developer or data partner accounts

In order for your designer or partner developer to access Commerce7, you will need to set them up with a Commerce7 account.

Only Admin Owners on your account will be able to add designer, developer or data partner accounts.

For improved security, Commerce7 cannot add accounts on your behalf and Partners (i.e designers, developers etc.) can only add staff from their own Company.

To setup an account for your designer, developer or data partner in Commerce7, start by clicking on Settings > Accounts. 


Then, click Send Invite.

Commerce7 - 2020-12-07T133559.161

Next, you will want to choose the role called Partner or the role called Data.

The Data role should be used by the developer migrating your data to Commerce7.

Here are brief descriptions of the Partner and Data roles.

Partner: This role has no restrictions on the platform except adding accounts from an alternate domain. This role should be for consultants or partners assisting you in configuring Commerce7. If a partner just needs to access your data have them setup an App with limited permissions.

Data: This role has access to everything, and can also set the ID, createdAt, and updatedAt on each record.  This role is great for data migrations.  When using this role, no email will be triggered to the customer.  (For example adding a club membership will not trigger a club membership confirmation).

For questions related to what role your partner should have, contact or reach out to the partner that you are working with.