Creating Custom Attributes/Meta Data for a Customer Address.

To create an attribute for a customer address, navigate to Developer section, then Meta Data.  Click Customer Address from the options at the top of the screen and then click "Add Customer Address Meta Data".

Select a title for your attribute. For an example, I'll create an attribute for building type and I’ll title my attribute “Building Type”

"Code" is just a reference point for doing API calls. You do not need to change this, but you can if you'd like. 

Next select your data type. We offer 11 different data types. If I have a set list of referral types, I will choose a data type of Select. Then, I can add in my set options for referral types. 

Decide whether or not you want your attribute to be a required field. If knowing what type of building is important data to your business, you can make this mandatory.

Finally you can set the sort order. The sort order determines the order your attributes will appear in on a membership record (if you have more than one attribute created).

Click "Add Customer Address Meta Data" when you're finished building your attribute. 

Now You can go over to a customer's profile to test it out!

Click on Clubs > Memberships > Click on the Members and see the information under address and the drop down menu when adding a new address.