Configuring your Web Hook

Commerce7 allows you to configure a Web Hook in order to create a message whenever a customer or tag is created, updated, or deleted.

Create a Web Hook by navigating to Developer > Web Hooks. Here you can click the Add Web Hook button.


On the page that opens up, use the drop down menu to select the Object and associated Action you would like to be sent to your Web Hook. Enter your URL in the Web Hook Url field.

It is optional to add Basic Authentication on the web hook. When calling your web hook we will add Basic Auth to the call if you enter a username and password.

You can optionally add Web Hook Notes. This is used when you want to remember what the web hook is for and it's not clear from the url. 

Add an email to the Notification Email field and if your web hook fails consistently for 48 hours, it will be disabled, we will send an email notification to this address if we disabling it. 

When you have entered all required information, click the Save at to the top or Save Web Hook at the bottom.