Commerce7's Technology Overview

Commerce7 is a software as a service (SaaS) platform comprised of REST APIs, a backend admin panel, and allows for front end consumer facing ecommerce site. It’s hosted in the cloud, and all assets are stored in Amazon S3 CloudFront. Today, there are over 900 API endpoints. Every function on the backend and consumer front end is accessible via an API (it’s 100% API driven).

The majority of the APIs are built on Node.js (which uses the Google V8 Engine and powers sites like Walmart Ecommerce and LinkedIn). Both the backend admin panel and frontend ecommerce apps are built in React (Facebook’s technology that powers their website, Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix and a lot of major front ends).

We have over 1400 integration tests in our test suite which runs before each code deploy.

The technology is fast, modern, easy to work with, and because of the S3 cloudfront there is low latency for your customers around the world.

Because Commerce7 is 100% API based, it’s relatively easy to connect with other systems and also possible to upgrade and extend the functionality. It is built to allow plugins and customizable functionality.