Commerce7 Payments FAQ's

  1. Can we still use V1 once updated to Commerce 7 Payments? Or must we update to V2?
    With Commerce7 Payments (which is Stripe) you can still use V1.
  2. Is Commerce7 Payments something different? Is it a payment gateway ?
    Commerce7 Payments is a gateway and processor package. The gateway is Stripe and the processor is in-house built. US clients have to be on Commerce7 Payments to get v2 front end to use all of its benefits.
  3. What specific features will we be missing if we don't do the migration?
    All the new features will be built to work with V2, plus all new customer facing features announced at C7 Innovate (here is a link to documentation outlining the new front-end features -
  4. Can the migration to the new version be done without changing payment processors--and if so, what features will we be missing?
    Switching to Commerce7 payments is a requirement to switch to V2. Unfortunately, CardConnect didn't meet the technical requirements for a V2 integration.
  5. I have just recently switched to Poynt/Card Connect, what options do I have now?Please reach out to us so we can discuss options. We are willing to work with any winery that finds themselves in this position. Send your concerns to
  6. What info is captured when a card is tapped with C7 Payments?
    If a Customer is appended to the Order prior to charging - and they tap a card - we tokenize that card - and we save that token on file to the Customer's account.
    If a Customer is not appended to the Order prior to charging - (in other words, a Guest Order) - and they tap a card - we don’t save that token.
    Note that on the Order Complete screen, we show their first/last name pre-filled in the email field. This makes it slightly easier to get the Customer's information if the staff member collects an email address post-charge. Once that email is captured, then that email becomes a Customer record. No token is saved since the the creation of the Customer occurred after the card was charged.