Carry Out vs Pickup Orders

What is the difference between Carry Out and Pickup Orders?

Carry Out Orders

  • Carry Out Orders do not require fulfillment because they are presumed to be fulfilled at the time of purchase.
    • Example: A Customer visits your Tasting Room, purchases wine and takes it with them.
  • The Carry Out Order Type is the default Order Type for the POS, as most Customers are physically purchasing and taking the bottles with them.
    • Note: You can override the Carry Out default at the time of POS checkout - to instead make it a Shipping Order - you just have to define that BEFORE you process the payment.
      Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 4.11.42 PM

Pickup Orders

  • Pickup Orders are placed for later pickup.
    • Example: A Club Member is picking up their Club Shipment as opposed to having it shipped.
    • Example: If you offer 'Pickup' as an option for Web orders, the Customer will pay for the Order on your site, and then pick up the bottles at a later date.
  • Fulfillment: Because Orders marked as Pickup are not received by the Customer immediately, they must be marked as 'Fulfilled' manually in Commerce7 when they are picked up.
    • This fulfillment process records 3 things:
      • When the Order has been received by the Customer
      • The name of the person who picked it up
      • Updates your Inventory