Overriding an Order's Inventory Location

Overriding Inventory Location on Inbound/Admin or POS Orders.

Overriding of the inventory location can only be done when placing an Inbound or POS orders.

By overriding the inventory location on an order, the system will pull from the available for sale inventory from the location you have selected, rather than the inventory location that is setup for inbound shipping orders. 

For more information about how inventory locations work in Commerce7, click here. 

To override the inventory location when placing an order through the admin panel, start by creating the inbound cart i.e. add the customer, shipping address, items to the cart etc. 

Then, click on More Actions and select Override Inventory.

Under Inventory Location use the drop down to select one of the inventory locations that you have previously setup and then select Save

On the POS, you can override Inventory Location by clicking on More Actions and selecting More Info and selecting a different Inventory Location.


For more information about how inventory works in Commerce7, click here