Bounced Customer Emails

How do emails get marked as bounced?

If any emails address bounce after sending a campaign email, the customer profile will marked as bounced. Navigate to CRM > Customer > search and select the customer. The email address that bounced will have a notification beside it. 

Commerce7 will not send emails to bounced email addresses and we recommend fixing the bounced email address. Use alternative emails on file or phone numbers to confirm with the customer. 


Removing the bounced status on an email address

Select Edit under the customer name and enter in a correct email address in the field. Then select Save. Once you enter a new email address the bounced notification will be removed. 

Alternatively, you can manually remove the bounce status by selecting the X on the bounced notification and it removes the bounced status on the email address. If the email bounces again, it will be marked bounced again. 

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At least one email address is required for a customer profile