1099-K Requests

Information about 1099-K Requests for Tax Year 2023

A 1099-K form will be automatically mailed to the business address on file in the beginning of February 2024 if the following criteria are met:
  • Processed a minimum of $20,000 annually combined with 200 transactions in total for Tax Year 2023.
  • Residing in a State that has a lower reporting threshold than the Federal reporting threshold.
For a copy of your 1099-K form, merchants can reach out to Fullsteam's dedicated support team at or (334)329-6775, option 4, 2. Fullsteam's support team will collaborate internally to obtain the necessary information and promptly provide the merchant with the requested document.
Have Questions? Need to make changes?
Should merchants need to make revisions to their 1099-K due to changes in Federal Tax ID (FEIN), Legal Name, Doing Business As (DBA) Name, or address, the following steps must be taken: