WineShipping Integration

Commerce7 now offers an integration for WineShipping customers for Inventory Sync and Requested Delivery Date.


The components of the integration:

Inventory Sync

When the inventory sync has been enabled in the app setup, Commerce7 will make an API call each morning at 7am PST to check WineShipping inventory to sync the inventory between WineShipping inventory and Commerce7 Web Shipping inventory. WineShipping's inventory will be considered the source of truth, and any discrepancies between the two will adjust so that Commerce7 will match the inventory that WineShipping shows. 

Once the sync is complete, an email with the results will be sent to the email address noted in the inventory sync setup.  Any adjustments that are made to the inventory quantities will be color coded on the emailed report of the sync results. 


Requested Delivery Date

When a customer places an order on the website, they will see the estimated delivery date for the FedEx and UPS shipping methods during checkout. The customer also has the option to change the requested delivery date by clicking on Change Delivery Date next to the shipping method.

Once they click on Change delivery date, a calendar will pop up so they can adjust the delivery date.

Note: For requested delivery date to function, UPS and FedEx carrier must be chosen in the preset list of carriers in the Settings > Shipping section. 



Configuration of the WineShipping App:

Ready to enable this integration? The App is available under the Apps section.

To enable, click on the App to set it up.

Is Active: Set to Active

Mode: Set to Production

Customer Number: Enter your WineShipping customer number

Sync WineShipping Inventory with Web Shipping Inventory: Check this box if you want to use the inventory sync (learn more about this here)

Email notifications on Inventory Sync: If inventory sync is being enabled, then enter the email address that will receive the inventory sync results each day.

Save the changes.

This integration does not send Orders directly to WineShipping. Orders have to flow through ShipCompliant and then sent to WineShipping.